Tips & Tricks #18 by 2 Dumb Asses – Down-home making your own fire starters

We are on the verge of hunting season for so many species. We thought it would be appropriate to do an episode on DIY fire starters. These Fire starters were first started by my late mom, Nancy. She perfected these and the methodology has since passed on to my wife Ruth. Clearly the wife of a dumb-ass, she has continued to refine the recipe. So we are now passing these on to you. This 2 Dumb asses’ wife shares a proven sustainable way to make economical and proven fire starters. Utilizing only egg cartons, wax and lint from the dryer these fire starters work awesome and are very effective. They are great for starting a camp fire, grill or keeping them in your pack in case of emergency. We think you will enjoy the show.

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