Episode 7: DNR Series – Tyler Harms – IA DNR Wildlife Research Biometrician – Part 1

Thank you for watching our show. We have a bit of a DNR series going on. This week we are honored to have a special guest from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources – Tyler Harms – Wildlife Research Biometrician. Before we proceed, Tyler’s a great guy. We had to look it up ourselves. This a a 2-part episode. continuation from last week. This is a fascinating episode and to say we learned a lot would be an understatement.

In this episode we explore Tyler’s experience, the role of a Biometrician how they help manage wildlife populations. Please subscribe to our channel or follow-us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We are now on Apple podcast Spotify, Stitcher and wherever you get your audio podcasts. Ty for watching and your support. If you have any future topics you would like us to explore, drop us a comment or an e-mail and we will look into it. As always “be safe, have fun, and get outdoors” – 2 Dumb Asses


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