Season 2: Episode 20 by 2 Dumb Asses – Rechargable Batteries- So many choices, which one is the best

We are bringing to you a very special show. We delve into the murky world of rechargeable batteries. Lots of brands out there. Numbers, what do they all mean? We take a stab at demystifying the rechargeable battery sector. We know this subject is near and dear to a lot of peoples hearts as they strive to reduce costs on the number of alkaline batteries purchased while not giving up performance in the field. The 2 Dumb Asses share their learnings while partnering with a fellow podcaster Todd from the “project farm”. We are sharing the analytics that Project Farm does (BTW they did an excellent job) and attempt to consolidate this info for you. The following brands of NiMH batteries were tested: Panasonic Eneloop (1900 mAh, not 2000), Duracell, Energizer, Harbor Freight Thunderbolt, EBL, Rayovac, Amazon Basics Silver, Amazon Basics Black, and the Ikea LADDA. All batteries tested were new and recently purchased from Amazon. This is a must see episode if you use rechargeable batteries or might be heading down that road. Check it out we think you will too, enjoy the show. Again, special shout out to Project Farm he agreed to partner with us.

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