Season 3: Episode 8: Annual Super Bowl Trail Camera Challenge –
The Finals

Tim and Joel select the winning trail camera from their Annual Super Bowl Trail Camera Challlenge before the big game. 1st off, none of these camera manufacturers are sponsors of ours, we do these challenges for you, the viewer and us of course, to see what is the best bang for our buck. These cameras have many functionalities: Shutter speed, distance sensitivity, battery usage, sharpness of picture, time lapse, video, etc. In 2022, we have some new entrants to test. Joel and Tim have been testing 8 different trail cameras to see which one will be the 2022 – 2 Dumb Ass winner! As one last caveat, Tim was a little caught up in all of the brands and kept calling the Primos Autopilot a Bushnell. He’s a dumbass what else can we say. Those notations have been made in the video. Welcome to the Final round. Tune in for sure to see who the winner is. We hope you enjoy the episode.


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